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2 Live Kava Plants

2 Live Kava Plants

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We offer no guarantees or refunds on this plant staying alive once in your possession. We cannot keep plants alive for you. That is your job. 
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* We cannot ship these plants to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or any other US Territory. Mainland US states only.  We also cannot ship these plants internationally. 
** Actual plants received may look different than pictures, they are plants they all look different. It’s different. Pots may vary.  

You will receive two (2) 2 month old+ Kali Kava plants in protective clamshells in 3.5” pots. These plants will be 4-6” tall with new shoots forming. These kava plants will be Piper Methysticum. The variety will be Kali Kava Isa. This cultivar is specifically bred to withstand cold temperatures down into the high 30’s Fahrenheit for limited times. It will do best in a warm, humid tropical environment like central to south Florida. Greenhouses up north that stay warm are sufficient. USDA Hardiness zones 9B through 11A. These plants will need very big containers or grow bags if the end purpose is to grow kava for consumption. A pot 28” in diameter and 30” deep will suffice. Use nutrient rich potting soil with 25% perlite. These  plants can also be put directly in the ground in areas where there is no hard freeze. Dig a 3 foot deep hole that is 3 foot in diameter and fill with nutrient rich potting soil that is 25% perlite. You can harvest in 3-5 years. Expect kava to contain 13% kavalactone and above even as high as 20%. 

Feeding- No food/fertilizer is needed. The soil these plants are in has plenty of nutrients until it is transplanted. Transplant when roots start coming out of the bottom of these pots. 

Watering- Do not overwater. Mist frequently. Water with only filtered water or rainwater.  Do not use tap water. 

Sunlight- Keep in 30% shade until the plants are about 1 ft tall then gradually move them out into full sunlight. If indoors keep near a window with as much light as possible. Temperature- These plants will do best in temperatures ranging from 70 Fahrenheit to 85 Farenheit. They can tolerate colder temperatures for short periods but do best in warmth. Do not allow plants to freeze. 

Soil pH- Live kava plants need acidic soil to thrive. The optimal pH range for soil is 5.2 to 5.5. This can be achieved with acidic soil and pH down additive in water. Investing in a simple soil pH meter can take the guesswork out of growing kava.

Kava plants typically live in lush, tropical rainforests on islands in the South Pacific, Polynesia, and Micronesia. Kava plants are pretty sensitive plants and not easily grown. Our Kali Kava Isa plants are much heartier than most kava plants due to extensive gene experimenting pushing them to their limits over many years. If you’re ever gonna have a chance at keeping a kava plant alive in America this is it people! 

Check the American Kava Growers Facebook group for tips on growing kava in America. 


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