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Epik Instant Kava Birkar 125g

Epik Instant Kava Birkar 125g

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You will receive one 125g bag of Epik Instant Kava Birkar powder by purchasing this product, complete with a batch number. This is a single Chemotype or single cultivar kava root powder. This kava Chemotype is known as Birkar kava. Birkar is grown on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Birkar kava is known for its palatable nutty taste with hints of black pepper and euphoric effects. 

Chemotype- This batch has a chemotype of 423165 according to our current HPLC lab tests. With a flavokavain content of 0.148% and a high kavain to dihydromethysticin ratio this certainly qualifies as noble drinking kava. 

Grind- Extra super fine. This is not micronized kava. Epik Instant Birkar kava is an aggregated kava powder with particle sizes between 40-80 microns if you need nerdy specifics. 

Yield-Yield is subjective based on end users preference, however, we recommend using five grams of instant kava powder per 4 oz. of non alcoholic liquid of your choice.  This 125g bag of instant kava will yield 25 servings of kava to drink. 

Origin- This kava was sourced on Espiritu Santo island in the Republic of Vanuatu. 

Identity- Epik Kava root powder has been lab tested using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) to establish it’s characteristics and taxonomic classification as Piper Methysticum. 

Strength- The strength of kava is quantitatively measured with kavalactone content. This Birkar Epik kava tests at approximately 7.14%+ kavalactone content regularly using HPLC testing. 

Purity- This product has no added fillers and is 100% pure dehydrated green kava juice powder as proven by the microscopy lab results. 

Composition- 100% dried, green Birkar kava root juice as proven by the microscopy lab results. Epik Kava powder is 100% dehydrated green kava juice. 

All Epik Kava root powder products consistently meet our established specifications for Identity, Purity, Composition and has been manufactured, packaged, labeled in an FDA registered, cGMP compliant facility and held under secure conditions to prevent adulteration and is therefore a high quality product. 

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