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Our new Vanoi coconut oil for hair products are here! If you are looking for coconut oil products made specifcally for your hair and skin needs, Vanoi is it. These products were modeled after popular hair coconut oil products commonly found in supermarkets, hair salons, and pharmacies all across the south Pacific. We use pure virgin coconut oil as a base for all of our products to leave your skin moisturized and your hair soft. Let's face it, some people don't want to walk around smelling like coconuts when they are not at the beach. That's why we decided to make some fragrances that people can enjoy and are use to. Some people want only natural coconut oil for their hair care needs, that's why we created our au natural line using only the finest essential oils for fragrance. You can look all over the internet, you won't find any other coconut oil hair products like these.


Chocolate Strawberry Hair Coconut Oil
Chocolate Strawberry Hair Coconut Oil
Enjoy the sweet smelling scent of chocolate strawberries while you also replenish your hair and skin!
$10.00 (€6.74)
Market price: $12.00 , save 17%