What Does Nakamal At Home Mean?

What Does Nakamal At Home Mean?

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Nakamal At Home started selling kava kava in 2002. In the Republic of Vanuatu the word nakamal is often used interchangeably to describe a kava bar or an actual nakamal. Technically there are some differences. We started the first kava bar in North America in 2002 and called it The Nakamal to honor the nakamals in Vanuatu upon which we based our business model. The real difference between a Nakamal and a kava bar is that a kava bar is for making money and a nakamal is not. Money is not traditionally exchanged in a kastom (custom) Nakamal. Here kava is shared each night. Farmers take turns going to their gardens and harvesting kava plants to be shared with their friends, family and guests. It is our hope at Nakamal At Home that you will share our kava with your family, friends and guests in your home. 


Kava may be the centerpiece of  nakamals but they are also social gathering places. Traditional nakamals are typically for men only. The days events are shared and announcements are made. Most of the time a nakamal is just full of simple conversations and laughter. Now a kava bar has this similarity. Kava bars are also social gathering places that are often full of conversation and laughter. Nakamal At Home provides kava kava products so that your home may be full of conversation and laughter while drinking kava.


When we started our business in 2002 there were very few nakamals or kava bars in America. It was our dream to be able to deliver kava kava to people’s homes who did not live near to a nakamal so that they could enjoy the benefits of kava and the happiness that it brings. That is the meaning of Nakamal At Home. We are the company that brings the nakamal to you, no matter where you are. 

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