Buy kava online from Nakamal At Home. Village kava is a premium kava at affordable prices.

Village Kava Now Available

BULK KAVA PRICING- *As Low As $57 Per Kilogram*

Are you a consumer or kava bar owner that is looking for economical traditional medium grind kava? Are you looking for kava that is manufactured in FDA cGMP HAACP compliant facilities? Are you looking for kava powder that is lab tested for strength, purity and identity as well as microbiological contaminants? If the answers are yes, then Village Kava from Nakamal At Home is what you are looking for. 

One kilogram of Village kava powder from Nakamal At Home.

What is Village Kava? 

Village Kava from Nakamal At Home is a very simple, minimally processed noble, Vanuatu kava powder product made with 75% basal stump and 25% lateral roots. This kava tests at 6.86% kavalactone content which shows it was harvested at full maturity. This is a perfect daily drinking kava blend. Historically in Vanuatu kava is harvested and consumed while fresh and green in the nakamals and kava bars in country. Kava is also dried for the export market in Vanuatu. Kava roots are dried using rudimentary methods in the sun in villages by farmers. Kava is dried on corrugated tin or tarps for example. Once the roots are dried they are processed and turned into powder and bagged for export where much of it ends up in American kava bars. 

Typical Quality of Village Dried Kava

Because village dried kava is dried using rudimentary methods, it is easily exposed to yeast, mold and bacteria which occur in abundance in the tropical climate of Vanuatu (and other tropical kava growing regions). If kava is not dried using hot air at 165 degrees Fahrenheit minimum it will naturally have a much higher concentration of these bacteria, mold and yeast. Unfortunately some bacteria such as ecoli, salmonella, and staphylococcus are toxins and can make consumers sick if they are ingested in large enough quantities. Ingesting these toxins can lead to hospitalization, so it is imperative to only buy village dried kava from processors that mitigate their products for safety using hot air, microwave sterilization and/or other means. 

Basal Chips drying in the sun to make Village Kava for Nakamal At Home. When you buy kava online from Nakamal At Home you are getting high quality kava.

Why Buy Village Kava From Nakamal At Home?

Our village kava is mitigated for bacteria, mold, and yeast to account for the rudimentary conditions found in the villages on the outer islands where kava is grown and dried. Our processor uses hot air to lower any live microbiological contaminants that found their way into the kava during drying. All it takes is a bird flying over an unprotected batch of kava drying in the sun and releasing droppings or a gecko running through it doing the same and the potential for some level of contamination rises significantly. Not all bacteria or yeast is bad, it’s just part of life, but the less there is in finished kava powder the better. Our village kava will have higher total plate count than other products we sell, but they are still safe to drink and much higher quality than the bulk of competitors village dried kava. 

Kava powder that has a high yeast or bacteria content will yield a beverage with a shorter shelf life than that prepared with kava that has been mitigated. Have you ever made a bucket of kava at your kava bar or home and noticed that the next day it had a sour taste with other weird flavors that weren’t there when you made it? Did you think to yourself, wow that’s weird, I even put it in the refrigerator right away how is this happening? The sourness and weird flavors are coming from fermentation and oxidation occurring because your kava powder had higher levels of yeast and bacteria in it which jumpstarts the exponential growth of bacteria. This could also be due to unclean containers the kava is made or stored in or unclean strainer cloth as well. Refrigerators will slow down these biological processes but not stop them. Cleaner kava powder will have a much longer shelf life after being made into a beverage. 

Kava roots being dried in a village in Papua New Guinea.

Village kava from Nakamal At Home will add profits to the bottom line of your kava bar and keep money in your pocket as a consumer. When kava bar customers are able to purchase kava that is palatable, fresh, clean and potent they become repeat customers. This is what a kava bar needs to be successful. No one wants to go into a business and purchase a product that makes them sick or has little to no effect when they are expecting one. 

When you purchase this product as a retail consumer we will donate back to the villages where we purchase this kava. Nakamal At Home will donate $5 back to charitable organizations in Vanuatu that help rural kava farming villages. The proof of donations will be posted online each time they are made for full transparency. 

Try Village kava from Nakamal At Home today. Your customers will thank you. Your stomach will thank you. Your profit margins will increase. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are selling clean kava products in your kava bar. 

*$57 a kilogram with the purchase of 10 kilograms or more with a wholesale account. 

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