The Effects Kava Imparts

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What are the effects kava will have on me?  Or When and what should I feel from drinking kava? Or How much should I drink?  The answer to each of these questions is complex. We offer a brief summary that should answer all of the questions. We will start with the first effect of kava, its taste.

The Effects Kava Imparts Through Taste

One of the effects kava gives most users is its earthy taste. In my many years of kava drinking I have only come across about 2 dozen people who were not affected by the taste whatsoever. I have even seen a few people that have claimed to like the taste of kava. There are many varieties of kava in the world. Some yield beverage that is darker or worse tasting than others. Why this bad taste? As far as research has shown, botanists believe that the not so good taste of kava is a natural inhibitor inside the plant that prevents people from abusing it as a substance. Thus far, very few places on earth have ever reported kava abuse problems. In most places where it is consumed on a daily basis still, kava is a very sacred and respected plant. It is possible to put some type of flavoring in the kava to cover The Effects Kava Gives | About Drinking Kava Kavaup the taste. In tribal cultures in Vanuatu and Fiji there is no record of trying to flavor the kava. People drink it as is. In all kava drinking cultures kava is drunk in the same manner: 1 shell at a time drank very rapidly.Yes, slam it! These cultures also have something else in common immediately after drinking kava, fruit or some other type of chaser is consumed. Try your favorite candy, hot chocolate, or other non decaffeinated drink. The taste is definitely not the worst thing ever and goes away quickly. On to the next effect...

The Effects Kava Imparts With Anesthetics

Immediately after drinking a shell of kava, most users report a slight numbness on their tongue and lips. This is totally normal and short lasting. The numbness is due to two local, topical anesthetics that are active ingredients inside of the kava root. They are kavain and dihydrokavain. These anesthetics can also make ones stomach feel numb. This is a very strange feeling to most users. It takes a little getting used to. Sometimes this feeling has been mistaken for nausea. Once your body gets used to it, the feeling is no longer bothersome. Now we will move on to the kava effects that everyone is looking for.

The Effects Kava Is Most Used For-Relaxing.

Above all other things, kava is drunk for primarily one reason; to relax. Not only does kava seem to relax the mind, it also relaxes muscles. It does this without disrupting mental clarity,unlike alcohol. Kava can also make the user feel drowsy in some cases. If too much kava is consumed, almost all users will become sleepy. Kava has been proven by the German Commission E to be a cure for insomnia as a matter of fact. Please consult your doctor for further information about treating insomnia with kava .

The Effects Kava Has That Are Euphoric

Kava is quickly becoming the recreational beverage of choice in the south Pacific. Nakamals (kava bars) have been popular social havens in Vanuatu since the late 1980?s. In Noumea, New Caledonia over 200 Nakamals now exist in a city with a population of about 75,000. This popularity is most certainly related to the euphoric effects that kava drinkers get from drinking kava. This topic is very misunderstood and I wish to offer my experiences with it in order that they are clarified. First of all I would definitely not characterize the euphoric feeling as being high or drunk. It is definitely a feeling that is like no other. Kava is not like alcohol where the consumer feels the effects from drinking it the first time rather quickly. Kava is a substance that does not lend itself to abuse easily as I have said before. After many years of drinking kava and watching kava being consumed I have come to a simple conclusion. In order for the euphoric kava effects to be felt at a maximum, a period of time must pass in order that the kavalactones build up in the users body. This means that the first time kava is consumed, the effects may only be felt minimally. After three or four kava drinking sessions the effects should start to be felt. As more and more kava is consumed, the effects seem to become greater and greater with less and less consumed. So if this effect is what you are looking for, you must first pay your dues to the kava Gods.

The Effects Kava Imparts Regarding Detoxification

Kava is a known detoxifier. This is another reason why it is recommended that you acclimate yourself slowly to it. This is also a reason why alcohol should not be consumed with any kava product. Alcohol is a toxin! The effects kava gives when it is mixed with alcohol are undersireable.Everyone acclimates to this kava effect of detoxification after a while and it seems to lessen.

Recommended Kava Usage

Every day, I get asked, This is my first time drinking kava, how much should I drink to feel it? Everyone has different metabolisms and sensitivity levels to substances. Because of this, the amount needed varies from person to person and there is no real answer. Here is what I recommend to get the maximum out of your kava:

Kava is usually consumed after sunset in most cultures. Drinking kava during the day can be unproductive if the effects are felt too strongly.The bright light of day can also be uncomfortable on the eyes after drinking kava.

For your first kava session, I recommend only consuming 2-3 four ounce shells of it. Always space out each kava bowl fifteen minutes so that you do not consume too much. Even if? the kava effects are not felt fully it is best not to overdo it, especially the first try. It is best not to overload your body with foreign substances even if they are non toxic. It is best to drink 2-3 shells of kava per sitting at least the first 4 times that you drink kava. If  more than that is desired, feel free. How much is too much? Don't worry, your body will let you know! In my opinion the kava drinkers that follow this regimen usually appreciate it more. Once you have been drinking kava for at least a month on a regular basis and have started to feel the effects more fully you can drink more than 2 or 3 shells and you will find out quickly about the kava effects we call euphoria. Be forewarned that drinking too much kava can impair motor skills and ability to drive. Kava affects the users ocular motor skills (eyes and ears). Balance can be affected if large amounts of kava are consumed. Never drink alcohol with kava! It is very unhealthy and will probably make you sick.

For best results, drink some kava and sit in a dark, quiet place. Your kava effects will be more pleasurable if an attempt to relax is made. It is great for in depth conversations among friends as kava tends to make people more social. Kava effects will not be felt as much when the user is up and moving around a lot. Loud music or flashing lights do not usually go good with kava either. Avoid them.

In short,give kava a fair shot before you decide if it is for you or not. Do not drink too much at once. Do not drink kava too quickly (unless you are trying to consume a single bowl) and space out shells by 15 minutes. Remember, the kava effects will come to you. You cannot go to them if that makes any sense? Before too long you will find out why so many people have been drinking kava for over 3000 years. BULA!

The effects of kava are pleasant if it is used properly.