Kava Recipe

This kava recipe is one that is very convenient if you have the proper supplies at hand.

A  good kava recipe is needed in order to make a winning batch of kava. We are so kind that we will provide you with a recipe for making kava, free of charge. You don't even have to buy any kava from us. You can purchase kava root from anywhere and use this kava recipe. We don't care. What is important to us is that the word about the benefits of kava spreads throughout the world so that everyone may have a better life.

This kava recipe assumes that you have a couple of large spare bowls at home to make the kava in and a pitcher to store it in. This kava recipe also assumes that you have a couple of strong hands to squeeze the kava.

Click here to buy kava nowThe real keys to a good kava recipe are twofold. The first is to start with real kava. The second key to a good kava recipe is the amount of time you soak the kava root powder in water before you begin to press the kavalactones from within the fibers. If kava root does not soak long enough the fibers will not be loose enough to allow the maximum amount of kavalactones to be pressed from the kava root into the kava juice. For best results soak our kava root powder for at least 30 minutes before pressing. For very finely ground kava powder this does not apply. When using a coarse kava powder recipe this applies.

If you wish to get the most out of your kava from this recipe you should add some lecithin granules to your kava while it is soaking. The lecithin will help to emulsify and activate the kavalactones much in the same way saliva works with masticated kava. For the best kava recipe results add your lecithin granules to some hot water and let them dissolve before adding them to the soaking kava root. You only need to add a tablespoon of lecithin granules at a time for a small batches of kava which consist of 15 shells or less.If you don't have any lecithin granules for this kava recipe you are in luck because we sell them now.

We won't get into what it takes to actually drink the kava. That is another story for another time. Happy kava making to you.

Now you can watch our kava making video on YouTube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5jnAghmlPE We are working on making this video to be part of the website and improving it. This kava recipe video is raw footage but is the best recipe you can find.  

Kava Recipe to Make NAKAMAL@home kava in 4 easy steps!


Mix your kava and water. Using at least two (2) cups of water for every one (1) cup of kava. To make the water just warm enough, mix 1 cups of room temperature water with 1 cup boiling hot water. You may also add about a teaspoon of lecithin. (We sell lecithin now!)

The kava root is the key ingredient in the kava recipe.



Now is the time to run it through your juicer, or wring it out by hand.

If juicing by hand, put a cup of your kava/water mixture into your nylon strainer bag. Twist shut, but don't tie shut. Then wring nylon strainer bag. It's a lot like wringing out a wash cloth. Do this until all your kava has been squeezed dry.

The kava recipe step 2 is to squeeze the kava juice into the bowl.


If you don't like pieces of kava pulp in your kava bowl when you drink your kava, you can strain your final product with a fine metal strainer. If you don't have one handy, you can clean and rinse your kava preperation cloth and pour it through there.

The kava recipe step 4 is to strain out the chunks.


Now it's kava drinking time. Some like to drink it warm or at about room temperature. Some like to have theirs chilled. If you like it chilled, simply refrigerate it until it is cold.

Either way, BULA and enjoy!

The kava recipe final step is to drink your freshly made kava.

We will post an updated kava recipe soon that will help you make even stronger kava. We hope that you found this kava recipe to be helpful. Many different recipes exist to make kava as you will find if you read more of the information on this website. This kava recipe is as simple as we could possibly make it. If you have any questions about making kava, just call our kava making experts at Nakamal At Home and we will try to answer your questions about our kava recipe.

Another kava recipe will be posted here within the next few months.